About Us

Royal Atlantic Livestock LLC., is a growing entity that consolidated a number of corporations under one umbrella with the objective of better serving our global client base. The synergies between the different partner companies and principals are utilized to advance the shared core value of improving as many lives as possible- either directly through improved agricultural practices or indirectly through improved human nutrition.

Our portfolio of offerings includes not only live breeding and feeder cattle from North America, Europe and South America, but also farm equipment such as fans and bedding, consulting services to green field investment projects, veterinarian and nutrition-based consulting, structuring finance options for buyers in high-interest rate markets, and assisted reproductive technology (ART) such as IVF and gender sorted semen..

Products & Services

  • Pre-selection at breeders’ Farms

  • Quarantine Facility Management

  • Veterinary Services

  • Selection with our Experienced team


Royal Atlantic Livestock LLC experienced and knowledgeable team take extraordinary precautions all process and during voyage to deliver animalsin good and healthy condition to the final destination.


Royal Atlantic Livestock LLC Team has more than 10 years logistics and export experience with a deep knowledge of export protocols of all countries. As convenient access to a number of livestock..


The executive management team understands that the agricultural sector is ever-evolving and is currently making advancements at the fastest pace in human history.

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